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Alex Daisley

We appreciate the way that Homestead Realty coordinates services and takes care of repairs for our home in Hunter’s Creek, and always in a very timely manner. They have been managing our property for more than 13 years and we

John Lisher

“We are both more than pleased with all of you at Homestead Realty. And, being thousands of miles away, we have complete confidence in everyone employed there, trusting you implicitly in managing our house.”

Juan Laureano

“Homestead Realty has taken extraordinary care in managing my home in Kissimmee, Florida for the last two and a half years. I know that they have my best interests in the view and will always provide a quality tenant for

Jorge Wong

“Homestead Realty has managed my Orlando condo since 2005. I felt at ease knowing they were taking care of my property while I was out of the country. They have always looked after my property efficiently and professionally. I would

Janet Jones

“I have been with Homestead Realty around 10 years. They have consistently provided me and my tenants with timely service and have responded to issues quickly and professionally. Their on-line Management system allows me to access any information I need

Jesus & Olga Rosa

“We have had our 5 properties managed by Homestead Realty for the past 20 years. They have gotten us high-quality Tenants and have rented our properties in a timely manner with very little vacancy time. They have provided us with